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What service does NY-CDPAP offer?

NY-CDPAP is a New York statewide agency providing CDPAP home-care services to individuals with the need for help with daily living activities.

What are CDPAP home-care services?

CDPAP stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. This program allows the individual (or designated representative) to choose his or her own personal assistant.

Who qualifies as a Personal Assistant?

The personal assistant can be a sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbor, friend, grandparent, etc - practically anyone. The personal assistant must be at least 18 years old.

Who’s eligible to receive CDPAP home-care services through our agency?

An individual who;

  • Is medicaid eligible
  • Requires medical assistance and long term care services
  • Is self-directing or has a designated representative

What’s the process to switch from straight Medicaid to a Medicaid managed care plan?

Call New York Medicaid Choice at 800-505-5678 and request to be switched to your preferred plan.

Who trains the Personal Assistant?

The individual (or parent/designated representative) trains the personal assistant.

How does a Personal Assistant differ from a Home Health Aide?

A home health aide is hired by a home care agency and must take a training program designated by the home care agency (under approval of the New York State Department of Health or the New York State Education Department). Additionally, they need to work with the agency’s schedule. The personal assistant receives training from the individual (or parent/designated representative) specific to the individual’s needs and works on a more flexible schedule.